joi, 17 martie 2016

Handmade Wonderland

I don t want to soul will break and shatter into tiny bits of unfulfilled dreams. If I were to know...if I were to live like that i would most certainly become full emptiness. So I decided to remain oblivious to the truth and continue to live unbound by the ties of knowledge. I'm starting to feel an expansion in my chest. My soul is bursting white clouds in the hights of the deepest seas, searching for a way out. I'll spread my wings and discover my own world, my own truth, my own altered way of thinking and make my own mistakes. I want to be my own explorer. I want to keep secrets from the world itself. I want to be unique in a matter of binding, to be the only one that's dislocated from all; to be able to connect and reach, to soar and to swim throughout the history of the Univers. I want to be you, but also be nobody; to be lost inside my dreams but also dream about being lost; to find and to be found; to create and recreate myself as a being made of clay,but also be able to destroy my disbeliefs in the same way. I need to be caged in loving freedom and grow to surpass the movin obstacles that arise in the way of my development. I will let go and live in my own created wonderland. K.