joi, 24 decembrie 2015

What do you call love?

What do you call that feeling you get when all you think about is him? When evertything fades and your mind wonders in strange places you never knew existed...when,while closing your eyes your last thought flies back to that last hug, hoping to bring it back. When your heart races compeating with distance and time that hold you apart...until you see him again.
What do you call that moment of fear before telling him "forever"? That strong sensation that you're falling from a mountain top ready to hit the ground. That moment you hold your breath and close your eyes...and pray that you won't die.
What do you call the sudden rush of blood that floods your cheeks the first time he looks into your eyes? The warmth of his hands you don't want to let go of. The moment he opens up and lets you touch his heart.
What do you call it when you're smiling like an idiot, but you don't care anymore because he is there with you? When you try to keep quiet but you are screaming on the inside. When you want the whole world to know about your happiness, but at the same time you're too scared to share it with anyone.
What do you call it when your mind looks like this, searching for the perfect words to say?
What do you call love?


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