duminică, 26 ianuarie 2014

The story of a stranger.

Once upon a time, in a cold morning, someone was walking on the street. A stranger. Myself.
I was looking at the ground, blinded by my own closed mind, stucked upon my own thoughts, my questionable feeligs and doubted concerns. Lost inside this foggy madness, I happenned to notice a pair of feet, not too far from where I stood.
      I raised my head. My neck was hurting, dragged by the weight of my worldly problems. But I didn't care at that time. Because when I saw him I forgot anything about myself for a couple of seconds.
A young boy. A teenager, just like me. He did not realise I was looking and I was thankful for that. Yet, I continued to bserve him quietly. He was somehow different from the rest. The way his feet were carefuly touching the ground, like he was frightened not to hurt it. The way his slender body was curling up in the air, creating a harmonious sculpture. The way his two bare hands were meeting the cold outside and greeting silently. His fingers, strong yet sensitive - hurt by a strong hit, meaning something was upseting him.
But he looked calm, loving.
He turned his head and our eyes met for the first time. Blue eyes. Deep as an ocean, and still, cold as ice. I saw sadness, despite his gentle smile when he saw me.
I bet he thought I was weird and scary. Examing him and trembling with curiosity about this stranger.
He fascinated me. I wish I could touch his hand, greet him with warmth to make sure he's real. I wish I could freeze that moment in time and stare into his unshared soul. I wanted to heal him through myself, if he was willing to accept me. To share an eternity getting to know him, the one that no one else knows, untained by words of reckless humans. Discover his depth and drown into the misteries of this stranger's oasis.
Not knowing his name, nor the sound of his voice, his native language or family. Just him. Bare spirit and beauty.
       It started snowing. Large, white flakes, melted by my breath, fell, turned into water.
I looked away. He seemed amused, not knowing my thoughts. Then, attracted by his obscure existence, I fixed my eyes into his; shy, but hungry for more.
       The ice melted, my scars opened to be bleeding wounds and he noticed. My pain. My mortal enemy and precious friend.
He made a step toward me. It was so unnatural for me to see him move. Then, he grabbed my hand; I still don't know why.

I opened my eyes. The hostital rom seemed too bright. It was late March. I took a deep breath and saw him fade away. Next to me, an old man turned his head and smiled. "Thank you", he said. He then grabbed my arm, carefuly, with a grace I knew I saw before.
"It is because I wanted to heal you too."


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